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Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts San Francisco, CA

If you are a wheelchair user or it simply pains you too much to traverse your staircase, call upon the professionals at Complete Access. You will no longer be restricted to a single floor of your house. Complete Access provides stair lifts to the San Francisco, CA area. We are here to accommodate you at all times. Any type of stair lift you're looking for, Complete Access wants to be the company to provide it for you. 

Continue reading to learn more about our chair stair lift equipment options. 

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Bruno Indoor Straight and Curved Rail Stair Lifts

All Bruno stair lifts continue to work normally in a power outage and run on automatically recharged low voltage batteries

Elan Straight Rail Stair Lift: This model has a 300 lb. weight capacity with a premium continuously charged rail, and is powered from any household outlet. It can be installed on either side of the staircase. It features the standard swivel seat, and the arms, seat, and footrest flip up for family members and guests to walk up the stairs with ease.

Elite Straight Rail Stair Lift: This model uses the same premium rail as the Elan, with a 400 lb. weight capacity and an upgraded seat. You will never feel unsafe, as it has remarkable stability through improved clamping and rail design.

Custom Curved Elite Stair Lift: This model has a 400 lb. capacity and is custom made, making any curving staircase accessible. This seat is generously sized with adjustable arm rests and seat height.  

Stair lifts in Oakland, CA | Complete Access
Stair lifts Oakland, CA

Bruno Outdoor Stair Lifts

Outdoor Elite Straight Stair Lift: Designed specifically for outdoor use, this model provides the same comfort and convenience as indoor stair lifts. It has durable outdoor paint to protect the steel and aluminum surfaces, and the seat cushions are made from marine-grade vinyl. With a 400 lb. weight capacity and an innovative weather-resistant cover, this lift can function in weather from 0ºF to 125ºF. 

Outdoor Elite Custom Curved Stair Lift: This stair lift is custom made and specifically designed for outdoor use at your home

Stair lifts in Berkeley, CA | Complete Access

Acorn Stair Lifts
Acorn 120 Stair Lift: This model has a seatbelt for added security and a lockable swivel seat that allows you to safely enter and exit the chair without the need to twist your body.

Acorn 80 Stair Lift: This model features the modular rail system for reduced installation time. It has a lockable on/off switch so that others can be prevented from using the lift. It even has safety sensors to stop if an obstruction is detected. It comes with a remote control handset and diagnostic digital displays.

For more information about any of the stair lifts we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us at (510) 295-4665.

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